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What To Expect During Your First Consultation

Always Informative. Always Complimentary.

Upon arrival, check in and complete the necessary forms if you haven’t already done so. Our team will assist you in getting checked in and will notify a treatment coordinator that you have arrived. They will bring you and/or your child to a consultation room for your consultation with Dr. Mastaj. At this consultation our objective is to be able to look at the long-term needs for you and/or your child and give you the information you need to make an informed choice about treatment.

At this visit, one of three outcomes will be determined: 

  • Treatment is needed now
  • Treatment is not needed
  • Treatment will be needed, but the timing  is such that it should be delayed until appropriate growth, tooth eruption or other factors are monitored and reconciled.

Digital photos, x-rays, and other records will be taken and will be used by Dr. Mastaj in determining treatment needs.

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